Bled accommodation or Ljubljana apartments, what to choose when visiting Slovenia?

If you are looking for Bled accommodation or Ljubljana apartments, the city of Kranj is the best solution for you! From a distance of 25 km from each, you can enjoy both Slovenian sights, without moving between accommodations. In particular cozy and spacious apartment for 2-8 people in a beautifully renovated house, that has preserved the character of the past with some unique elements.

Did you decide to visit our beautiful Slovenia? Would you like to go hiking or climbing in Triglav National Park and in addition visit Slovenian capital Ljubljana as well? Maybe even the coast?

You can visit all this from one place! You don’t have to lose time with instant change of accommodations. We have the perfect accommodation for you in the city of Kranj.

A House by the Canyon, by the river Kokra

The ground floor of a house is a tourist agency and the rest are apartments.
There is a large apartment for 2-8 persons, about 180 m2.
A beautifully restored house that has retained the importance of the past, with some unique elements.

Despite that city Kranj it’s not famous like Bled and Ljubljana, has an especially great location.

On the other hand, the apartment in Kranj has a great starting point! In other words, it’s only 25 km to Ljubljana, 25 km to Bled, 30 km to Triglavnski Narodni Park, 10 km to Ski center Krvavec, 5 km to Airport Ljubljana and 100 km to the Slovenian coast.

What’s more, with this accommodation, at a minimum of 3 nights, you also get one free transportation by day, ether to Bled or Ljubljana.

Additionally, we can arrange to rent a car from the apartment and rent a bike as well.

Ground floor: 2x WC, shower cabin

First floor: kitchen, bedroom, living room

Mansard: Yoga space (yoga teacher can do yoga with you for an extra charge!), fitness, games, meditation and also as an extra bedroom.

Additional offer: activities in Triglav Nation Park, sightseeing of Ljubljana, visit the Slovenian coast …

All of this we can arrange for you on the spot in our office, where ClimbTriglav and Lifetrek programs are available as well.

With us, you can rent the equipment or purchase it, if you wish.

Price per day 120 € for two persons, each additional person 20 € per day: 120€/2os, 160€/4os, 200€/6os, 240€/8os