Mount Triglav hiking trails by difficulty

Protected mountain trails from the hardest to the easiest. To the top of Mount Triglav leads about 10 hiking routes and variants. Three of them start from the Vrata valley. One route leads from the Kot Valley, another one from the Krma valley and also one from the Pokljuka plateau. Then we have two variants from Bohinj lake and two from the Trenta valley. Some of them are merged in the upper part. At the very top of the mountain,…

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Best Triglav hiking tours

Triglav Hiking tours Best time to hike Triglav National Park Hiking in Triglav National Park is possible all year round. The main season is from June to the end of September when on majority of the trails there is no snow, temperatures are warm, alpine flora is blooming and the huts are opened. Afternoon thunderstorms are very common in that time of the year, especially in August. For that reason start your hikes early in the morning and try to avoid…

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Climbing Triglav Mountain: Which Route is the best?

Climbing Triglav Mountain: Which Route is the best? If you are thinking about ascending Slovenian highest mountain, Mt Triglav (2864 m), you are probably wondering which route to take. There are more than 20 routes that you can choose from to reach the top of this mighty and beautiful mountain, so let us help you with a decision. The easiest way to reach the top of Mt Triglav is from Pokljuka plateau via Vodnik and Planika huts. Also, this is…

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Mount Triglav

General information about the mountain, how to climb it and difficulty of the climb The highest Slovenian mountain Mount Triglav is with 2864 m the highest Slovenian mountain. It is situated in the heart of Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps, in the western part of Slovenia, not far from alpine lakes Bled and Bohinj. The name, Triglav, means three heads as the summit has the shape of three peaks. Back then it was also a Slavic three-headed pagan…

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