The surroundings of Bovec and the Soča Valley offer excellent possibilities for canyoning. Each canyon has its own characteristics, hidden corners, deep pools, vegetation, and history. By traveling through the canyon you will discover a hidden story of the most inaccessible parts of nature. We invite you to visit the most beautiful gorge with us. With a team of experienced guides who know the local conditions and the best equipment.

bovec canyoning


  • Beginner (Sušec & Smaški potok): 55 EUR / PERSON  (min 2 people)
  • Intermediate (Kozjak Waterfall): 80 EUR / PERSON  (min 2 people)
  • Advanced (Fratarica): 100 EUR / PERSON  (min 2 people)
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Less demanding canyoning – Sušec and Smaški potok

A great choice for families with children aged 10 and over. The sunny, southern position of the canyon provides a wonderful beginner’s experience of swimming in the emerald water basins, descents along smaller waterfalls without ropes and descents along major waterfalls with a rope.

  • 2-3 hours
  • 55 € per person all equipment included (neoprene suit and shoes, helmet, lifejacket, technical gear)

More demanding canyoning – Kozjak Waterfall

The descent into an exceptionally picturesque canyon, which is cut between the 50 m wall and which ends with a descent on probably the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. Many tourists look at this canyon from afar, from the front, only a few of them sink and float in its crystalline water. Wonderful scenes and a play of light!

  • 2-3 hours
  • 80 € (neoprene suit and shoes, helmet, lifejacket, technical gear)

More demanding canyoning – Fratarica

A complete mountain experience! Not so deep a canyon as Kozjak, but with wonderful views to the highest Slovenian mountain wall, facing the village Log pod Mangartom. This canyoning is the right choice for all adrenaline addicts, as it offers a descent along a 50-meter waterfall called Parabola.

  • 5-6 hours
  • 100 € (neoprene suit and shoes, helmet, lifejacket, technical gear)

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