The first recorded ascent was made by four locals back in 1778. The four made history and was named “the four hearted man”. Because of difficulty and time, this was important mountaineering milestone.

The first approach to Triglav was performed by four locals from Bohinj on 26.8.1778 and they recorded in history as four hearted men. Their monument stands in Bohinj. These cardinal men were Luka Korošec, Matevž Kos, Štefan Rožič and Lovrenc Willomitzer. They were promoted by one of the richest Kranjci Žiga Zois, who paid them six gold awards for a courageous act. On the twenty-fourth of August 1778, they climbed to the hut in Veliko Polje, a day later they searched the terrain and found the most comfortable way up. On August 26th, as soon as it was settled, they went on a journey and after five hours of walking, they reached the Green Ice (to the Triglav glacier that is disappearing today). From there they went on a rocky ridge, which in some places was only two shoes wide and existed from scattered rocks. Under the last summit, to where there would be another quarter-hour walk, they began to hesitate. However, they were encouraged and climbed along the northern edge of the ridge to the highest point of Triglav. The weather was nice, clear, no wind. The company stayed on top for about two hours and carved its names in two rocks. Then they planted the hammer and chisel next to each other in a rock crack and returned to their homes the same day. The first ascent of four hearts from Bohinj was recorded eight years before the first ascension to the highest mountain of Europe, Mont Blanc, and 22 years before the first ascent to the highest mountain of Grossglockner in Austria.

triglav first ascent

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