Triglav Hiking tours

Best time to hike Triglav National Park

Hiking in Triglav National Park is possible all year round. The main season is from June to the end of September when on majority of the trails there is no snow, temperatures are warm, alpine flora is blooming and the huts are opened. Afternoon thunderstorms are very common in that time of the year, especially in August. For that reason start your hikes early in the morning and try to avoid them. October could be pleasant for day hikes, but weather could change very quickly so make sure you have warm clothes and rain jacket with you.

During the winter from December to June there might be a lots of snow, so we recommend that you have some experience with winter hiking. Make some plans with routes, food and drinks. It won’t take much time, but it’s well worth it as there is just one hut that stays opened in winter (Hut at Komna plateau). Also pay attention to weather conditions. Hiking after heavy snowfall for example is not advisable due to high risk of avalanches.

Equipment and what to bring

During summer and autumn good hiking shoes are first on the list. Poles are recommended as well. Sunscreen, hat and first aid kit is something you should always carry in your backpack. Temperatures during the day in summer months could get very high, so bring enough water and make sure you start early in the morning .

During winter there could be plenty of snow. Therefore, hiking is much easier with snowshoes, especially if you go off the beaten track. Some more popular routes could be more gauzed than others and there is a lots of different types of snow. That is a consequence of the weather conditions. So you must be ready for everything. Crampons and ice ax are obligatory equipment for winter hiking, we highly recommend poles as well, not to mention the good quality winter hiking boots and clothing.

Where to go

You have plenty of options that you can choose from. Make the decision regarding your experiences, preferences and the level of difficulty that you want. A good detailed map of Triglav National park you can buy at all TNP offices, tourist info points in Bled, Bovec and Bohinj, etc. It will help you to get a better picture of the trails, park and huts. During July and August booking of the huts is very recommended as it could get very crowded. Have in mind that Triglav Lakes Valley, Mt Triglav and Komna plateau are the most popular destinations. In contrast some peaks and trails could be quite solitary.

Best Triglav National Park hiking routes

If you are thinking about ascending Slovenian highest mountain, Mt Triglav (2864 m), you are probably wondering which route to take. There are more than 20 routes that you can choose from to reach the top of this mighty and beautiful mountain, so let us help you with a decision. At the amount of trails that Triglav National Park has to offer, you might find yourself questioning where to go and which trails would be perfect for you. So we want to make it a little bit easier for you. Therefore we decided to make the list of 5 best Triglav hiking trips for different tastes and of different difficulty levels.

triglav national park

Triglav Lakes Valley hiking

Triglav Lakes Valley is where the story of Triglav National Park begins. This is the area that was first protected as a park in 1924. You can start this Triglav hiking at Blato pasture above lake Bohinj. Continue over pastures filled with cows and sheep towards the Double Lake. No extra words needed, you will be amazed for sure. Return to Blato pasture on different route via Black Lake. Difficulty is moderate as the hike is quite long (cca. 8 hrs). One day hike to Seven Triglav Lakes, 3 days hike across Seven Lakes Valley and Climb Triglav across Triglav Lakes.

soca trail

Soča Trail hiking

This trail goes along one of the most amazing and beautiful rivers in the world, Soča river. Imagine the emerald color of the river perfectly clean and clear, surrounded with alpine peaks, green forests and meadows. Imagine green Narnia. Believe it or not, they actually shot part of this movie in the area. If you like valley hikes in unspoilt nature alongside a beautiful river, this is the one for you. It is an easy option with plenty of activities you can do next to hiking. Ruins and museums from WWI. Rafting or kayaking on Soča river. Canyoning, zip-lining. Camping, fishing, paragliding. Tasting delicious local food.  Sounds mesmerizing? From one day Triglav Hiking tours to multi-day trekking…

climbing mount triglav

Mount Triglav hiking

The highest Slovenian mountain or the father of them all. Definitely you have to take the climb with respect and not underestimate it. You can do it in two days. Overnight in one of the huts below the top, Planika hut or Kredarica hut. The last part of the climb is via ferrata. See our post about the climb here.

Mount Triglav from Pokljuka plateau

The easiest way to reach the top of Mt Triglav is from Pokljuka plateau via Vodnik and Planika huts. This is also one of the longest approaches, but because it is longer is also less steep and more pleasant. Climbing Triglav Mountain is not the easiest thing to do, and if you are not an experienced mountaineer it might be pushing your limits anyway. So do yourself a favor and decide for this option, even though you will have to do an extra mile. A starting point is from the beautiful plateau in Triglav National Park and along the way you will have beautiful views to the Julian Alps above Bohinj Lake. The plus is also two huts along the way, where you can overnight and get a tasty, warm meal.

Mount Triglav from Krma Valley

Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want it fast and right away. From picturesque Krma valley, you will get it for sure. This is the shortest and fastest way to Climbing Triglav Mountain. A starting point is at the end of the valley and the route goes through the forest for some time and then it opens and you can catch some awe-inspiring views over peaks above you and valley beneath you. It is steeper than the previous one, but you don’t need to use your both hands to make a progress, unless on the last, via ferrata part, but that is the same for all routes.

Mount Triglav Via Ferrata from Vrata Valley

And the cherry on the top of the cake? It goes to the Bamberger route via Plemenice. Attention, even if you like sweets, but you are not an experienced mountaineer, this isn’t the right one for you. A beautiful route which starts in Vrata valley in front of majestic Triglav North face it goes first to Luknja pass and then the hardest part begins. It is a via ferrata route, but in some places, your hands and legs will be a much better help than the self-belaying system. Strongly recommended climbing this one with a guide, who will put you on the rope and make sure that you are safe.

Triglav hiking and climbing is a thing you will remember for a long time, and in the company of our experienced guide, it will be a wonderful memory.

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