The most important task of the bivouacs is certainly the shelter, before and after the tour, or in an emergency. To justify this, bivouacs must be open constantly and intended for all visitors in the mountains: mountaineers, hikers, cavemen. They are intended for overnight stays and certainly not for several days or holidays. In addition, they are also intended as a starting point for conquering hard-to-reach or far-flung targets in mountains beyond the scope of a one-day tour. If it was once thought, bivouacs are just for mountaineers and mountain huts for hikers, this has changed over the years: today bivouacs are for everyone.

Bivouac I in Velika Dnina, 2.180 m

The bivouac stands at the edge of the Velika Dnina, just above the foothills of Velika Ponca. It has four beds and next to it is a reservoir with drip-water. Cooking is possible with the kettle.
Bivouac 1 is the starting point for approaches to Ponce and for climbing in the northern walls of Škrlatica, Rakova Špica and Rogljica. The most climbing directions in these walls are: Škrlatica: Škrlatica Greda (III +) and Skalaški Steber (V); Rakova Špica: Desna Zajeda (V +) and Švicarska (VII-); Rogljica: Steber (V +). These walls are rarely visited, because of the variable quality of the rock, indicated by the red color. Still, you can find here parts of the walls with excellent rocks.
On the other hand, no marked mountain trail leads to bivouac.

Location: latitude 46,438484 and longitude 13,818781

Bivouac II on Jezerih, 2.118 m

The bivouac stands on the edge of the plateau Na Jezerih, east of the Rokavi, high above the Vrata Valley. Inside is also an iron oven, but you have to bring firewood with you. It has 6 beds and also a reservoir with a drip-water.
Bivak II is the starting point for approaches to the Veliki Rokav, the Veliki Oltar, the Dovški Križ and the Šplevta. There are also some easier routes in the southern walls, the most famous is the Rokavski Ozebnik (III in rock and 50 degrees in snow) and the Steber Rokava (III +). The easiest access is from Turkovega and Poldovega rovta in the Vrata Valley.

Location: latitude 46,433687 and longitude 13,838793

Bivouac III Za Akom, 1.340 m

The bivouac stands just above Krnica Za Akom, beneath the Široka pec in the Martuljek mountains. It has 8 beds, a stove and a tank with a drip-water.
Interesting tours:
Upper Martuljek Waterfall – 30 min
Lower Martuljek Waterfall – 1 h
Jumpers over Vršič (1696 m) – 2 h
Bivouac III is the starting point for approaching the Široka Peč, the Dovški Križ, the Oltar and the Ponce. And many ski directions, the most famous being the Jugova Grapa and the Kačji Jezik, as well as the climbs in the Široka Peč and the Mali Oltar.

Location: latitude 46,459494 and longitude 13,838337

Bivouac IV on Rušje, 1.980 m


The bivouac stands on the outskirts of the plateau Na Rušju, between Dolkova Špica and Stenar. Over here passes the path from Vrata to Škrlatica, where splits into the two paths: the Kriška Stena to Krnica and over Križ to Kriška poda.
In the room are 10 beds, however, they are not equipped with mattresses. Visitors need their own bed linen or sleeping bag.

Location: latitude 46,417513 and longitude 13,819868

Bivouac under Luknja, 1.430 m


It stands on the forest edge, just a few hundred meters away from the Vrata-Luknja path. The lower part is closed type, and the upper part (winter room), which is intended for all hikers, mountaineers and climbers, can be reacht on wooden steps. In the winter room are 10 beds, some chairs and blankets.

Location: latitude 46,391217 and longitude 13,821825

Bivouac under mountain Špik, 1.424 m


This bivouac under Mountain Špik is usually locked. Therefore you need to reach the caretaker Mihaela Oman in Gozd Martuljek. To borrow the key, you have to notice in an advance, on telephone number 040 515 471. The bivouac has 6 beds. But, the winter room is constantly open – the entrance is at the back of the property.
Interesting tours:
Lower Martuljek Waterfall – 45 min
Upper Martuljek Waterfall – 2 h 15min

Location: latitude 46,457058 and longitude 13,818338

Here you can find all bivouacs and huts in Triglav National Park on a map:

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