Triglav Winter Climb

triglav winter

Krma Valley – Kredarica Hut – Triglav

Winter climb to the highest mountain of the Julian Alps. Real winter advantage in the heart of the Triglav National Park, which is not technically too demanding. Experience the winter idyll in the embrace of the Slovenian highest mountain.

  • Starting point: Dolina Krma (930 m)
  • Altitude difference: 1934 m
  • Recommended equipment: helmet, self-loading Via Ferrata kit, ice ax, crampons
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Walking time: 8 h/ day
  • Difficulty: very demanding winter ascent

Prices (All inclusive!):

  • 269 EUR/ PERSON (at 3  people in the group)
  • 329 EUR/ PERSON (at 2  people in the group)
  • 569 EUR/ PERSON (at 1  people in the group)

Price includes:

  • A professional English speaking local guide with good knowledge of Slovenian history, natural and cultural heritage and hiking trails
  • Mountain hut accommodation
  • transfer from Bled or Bohinj to starting point and back

 Mount Triglav in winter 

Winter in Slovenia usually lasts from December to mid-March, whereas in the Alps is even longer, snow could fall from November to mid-May. It can be quite harsh in the mountains, with temperatures around -20 below 0 or even less and with 2 to 5 meters of snow. So if you are planning to do some winter hiking in the Alps, you should know at least the basics of how to move in winter conditions, avalanches awareness and orientation in snow conditions and if you are planning to climb higher peaks also how to use crampons and ice ax.

Mt Triglav is the highest Slovenian mountain and the most popular hiking destination for many tourists in the summertime, but lately, people are deciding to climb it also during winter time. Mt Triglav climb in winter is not the easiest one of course, but also not the most technically demanding climb if you have some experiences with mountaineering.

Triglav winter climb

The best time to do it is from February to April when snow conditions are safer, snow is thicker and a possibility for avalanches smaller. Of course don’t do it right after a heavy snowfall, when there is a red alarm for avalanches.

If you want to do it in one day, it is possible, but you should be very well prepared, with a high level of fitness and a lot of mountaineering experiences. To do it in two days is more pleasant and much easier. The only option for getting a place to sleep and eat is at the highest Slovenian mountain hut Triglavski Dom na Kredarici ( 25115 m). Don’t expect luxury as the hut is officially closed during winter, but meteorologists are taken care of it and you can get a bed, blankets, and a warm meal, but there is no heating.

Plan approximately 6-7 hours to reach the hut and 2 hours more to reach the top and 7 hours for descending back to the valley. First 6-7 hours is regular hiking/walking and depends on the snow, but sometimes you might not need an ice ax and crampons on this part. Poles and gaiters are very recommended though. The last part before the hut called Kalvarija is very difficult to orientate and you might feel that you are pushing your limits.

After you reach the hut, the most difficult part follows, which is more climbing than walking. Ice Axe and crampons are obligatory, you might feel safer with a harness and self-belaying system. If you don’t have any experiences with mountaineering this part is highly not advisable. 

Safety and equipment

The safest way to climb Mt Triglav in winter is with a professional guide, who will give you also the representation of how to use crampons, ice ax and will also give maximum safety needed for your ascent. If you need anything before the tour, you can find it here …

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