Understanding Slovenia Hiking Trails Markers

In Slovenia, we have more than 10,000 marked hiking trails. They go through the forests, over alpine meadows, vast fields, countryside landscape, and alpine rocky terrain. They offer a lot of different possibilities for a day, multi-day or long distance hikes. Often you can find mountain huts along the way where you can get a cup of tea or coffee, tasty fresh meals and a place to sleep.

Slovenian hiking trails are taken care of by the biggest voluntary organization, Slovenian Alpine Association, who is making sure, that the trails are marked and maintained properly and of course, safe to hike.

Slovenia hiking trails are marked with white dot surrounded with a red circle. The sign was established in 1922 by Alojz Knafelc and is a common markation (marking) for all Slovenian and some of ex Yugoslavian trails. It is from 8-10 cm big.

mount triglav

At the signpost, you can find the name of the route, the estimated time of hiking (average one) and a difficulty of the trail. Marked trails are divided into 3 main groups:

  • Easy marked trails
  • Demanding marked trails
  • Very demanding marked trails

Definition easy marked trail means that trail is a comfortable path, that could be a long one or could go steep as well, but there are no parts on the trail where you would need the help of your hands to make a progress. If the trail crosses a steep and exposed slope, it should be wide enough that walking is safe and also a less experienced hiker would cross it without a problem.

Demanding marked trail means that on some places you would need the help of your hands to make progress in ascending and there could be some wired ropes for extra safety. It is suitable for experienced hikers and is marked also with a triangle.

The very demanding trail is the one where you need to use your hands for progression. Usually, that is via ferrata route, so you would find a fixed wired rope where a use of climbing rope would be needed otherwise. A use of harness, helmet and a self-belaying system is very well recommended and that kind of trail is only suitable for very experienced hikers. It is marked also with a triangle with clicks inside.

A good and experienced guide with a wide knowledge of Slovenian mountains, wildlife, culture, and history is always a recommended company on your adventures, also on easy trails. Guides know what to do in case of an accident, know all the trails very well and can give a huge surplus to your tour.

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