5 facts about climbing Mt Triglav in the winter season

Climbing Mt Triglav in the winter season is without a doubt more complicated. The climate is less than ideal. Days are short. It’s really cold. Snow and ice make what would be simple summer scrambles, committing and dangerous. There’s the risk of avalanches. And all that extra gear…

The time has come to dust off your mountaineering boots and sharpen your crampons and axes, winter is coming!

Most importantly, freedom of moving high in the mountains is one of the best feelings in the world. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful transformation winter brings to the mountains.

triglav in winter

1. Winter season for climbing Mt Triglav

Winter season in Slovenia regularly endures from December to late March. However in the Alpine mountains is even longer, from November till mid-May. But what does that mean for snow season in the mountain range? Well, obviously, there is snow, but way more from January to March, that means over 2 to 5 meters of pure white snow! So, you should be alert for avalanches, as well. The temperatures usually drop from 0°C to minus 20°C and even more and that’s not just in the mountains, but also the valleys!

If you are up for some snowy winter climbing to Mt Triglav, February and March are the best months for the ascent.

Check the current mountain forecast here.

climbing triglav winter

2. Choose the right route to Mt Triglav in winter season

For climbing in the winter to Mt Triglav, you have to pick the right path and the most suitable is to start from Valley of Krma to Kredarica hut and then to the summit of Mt Triglav. This path will take you about 5-6 hours in the first part and another 2 hours till the top of Mt Triglav. If you want to do a guided tour, check here.

There are other approaches to the Mt Triglav, like the south trail. In summertime gives you perfect looks over the 7 lakes and the mountain range. But in the winter season, it takes too much time and there is no hut to take shelter from the possibility of bad weather.

triglav ski

3. Snowshoes or touring skis

That is the question. If you are a skier, it is (from Krma Valley) recommended going the first part with the touring skis with skins on until you arrive at the Kredarica hut. After that follow more difficult part, so you continue without and can easily leave your skis there. However, the next part will definitely require crampons and ice ax for reaching the summit. At descent, you can grab your skis where you left them and continue skiing down to the valley.

But if you’re not a skier, where there is a great deal of snow it is recommended wearing snowshoes, otherwise good crampons will do just fine.

on top of triglav

4.  Climb Slovenian route in North wall in winter season

In the summer, this route is Ⅱ. and Ⅲ. grade by UIAA. But in the wintertime, when it’s covered with snow and ice, it could be anything but difficult to climb, if you have experiences with ice climbing. What’s more, the ice wall is just perfect to reach the top of Mt Triglav in the winter season.

sunseat winter

5. One day climb to Mt Triglav or overnight

It is possible to climb Mt Triglav just in one day, even in wintertime, yet you must be well-prepared and in good physical fitness. Keep in mind that days are short, so start the day early.

If you decide to do in 2 days, the only hut that you can stay overnight is Kredarica hut on 2515 meters, just underneath the summit of Mt Triglav. To accomplish it in 2 days is more pleasant and much easier. Here you can found out more about where to spend the night: Overnight Triglav National Park