Protected mountain trails from the hardest to the easiest.

To the top of Mount Triglav leads about 10 hiking routes and variants. Three of them start from the Vrata valley. One route leads from the Kot Valley, another one from the Krma valley and also one from the Pokljuka plateau. Then we have two variants from Bohinj lake and two from the Trenta valley. Some of them are merged in the upper part. At the very top of the mountain, from a height of about 2400 m, where most of the huts are located, there are 4 routes.

Which of all trails is the hardest?

The hardest thing is certainly the Bamberger Route. This runs along the western ridge of the famous north wall and then on the edge of the famous Sphinx. It is characterized by beautiful views and a high altitude difference, which must be defeated in one piece to the top. We can also reach the Bamberger trail from the Trenta valley.

Somewhat lighter are then the two remaining routes from the Vrata Valley. These are Tominskova and Cez prag, that go together in the upper part. Then we have some paths from another valleys that are about the same difficulty. These are paths from the two neighboring valleys, from the more rarely visited valley of Kot and the very popular Krma valley. Technically less demanding, but very long are both access from Bohinj, either through the valley of the seven lakes or trough Velo polje. In the same category we can give two approaches from the Soca Valley.

And finally, as the easiest route to Triglav we can choose  approach from Pokljuka plateau. Firstly, the starting point for the tour is the highest of all, which means that at least height differences must be overcome. In addition, this route is also technically the least demanding. In the lower part to the Planika Hut there are no problems at all. From the hut to the top it is the easiest among all.