Bled is the best entering point for enjoying nature and small-town life on the same trip.

Anyone looking for a base point for their hiking tours in Triglav National Park, can not avoid looking into Bled accommodations.

Bled is now the hot spot to visit in Slovenia and you can easily see why. This town, tucked into the beautiful Julian Alps, is best known for its picturesque glacial lake, complete with overlooking castle and fairytale-like island with a church in its center. However, you can not miss other attractions.
Although Bled makes a nice day trip from Ljubljana, for those who want to experience more, it’s an excellent starting point for a lot of attractions around.

But why does it make it the best spot to stay for hiking?

Bled is the best entering point for exploring Triglav National Park. Especially for those who would like to hike around Triglav National Park and on the other hand explore other places as well. Particular for one-day hikes or trips to other attractions.

It’s close to the highway and just on an edge of Triglav National Park. That makes it a great base point, because everything is close by. The highway is 10 min away by car, the capital Ljubljana 40 min, lake Bohinj 25 min and to reach TNP plateau Pokljuka you need just 20 min. Isn’t that awesome!?

If you plan to hike around Triglav National Park, Bled is an excellent base point, while you have a bunch of trails very close.

To hike from Pokljuka plateau is 20 min away, where you have various options for well-known hikes. For example very popular Viševnik, Veliki Draški vrh, Debela Peč, and of course the highest mountain Triglav, which can all be accessed from Rudno polje on Pokljuka Plato. In this direction from Bled you can stay in villages like Podhom, Gorje, Krnica, Zatrnik or even at Pokljuka.

To lake Bohinj is also about 25 min, where you can continue to Vogel plateau, which has remarkable views over the lake. From lake Bohinj you can likewise continue to Komna, Valley of Seven lakes and Pokljuka plateau. In this direction from Bled you have a lot off villages Bohinjska Bela, Kupljenik, Srednja vas, Stara Fužina, Ukanc, Gorjuše, Goreljek.

In the other direction is Kranjska Gora, where you continue thru valley of Radovna to Mojstrana and then to lake Jasna. Or even carry on to stunning mountain pass Vršič. On the way, it’s a must-do stop at spectacular waterfall Peričnik, just 25 min away. In this direction are villages like Podhom, Krnica, Gorje, Mojstrana, Gozd Martuljek.

And as said before, Ljubljana can also make a great day trip from Bled, it’s only 40 min by car. However there are also good public connections.

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Best accommodations for hikers

Bled accommodations have various options to offer, despite that Bled is a small town. You can pick from campsites, glamping, hostels, hotels, apartments, guesthouses, airb&b.

But if you are a hiker we recommend you to stay in a guesthouse or apartment. And not just because it feels more like home. In apartment you have more space and can also save some money with cooking by yourself. Usually, apartments are in houses of local people, that way you get informations first hande.

While staying in a guesthouse is safe, homely and comfortable. You can get in touch with people and get information and of course experienced local cuisine. Owners here really take care of there guests with anything you need. That way you can have real cultural experience as you explore Slovenia.

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