Two days hiking in Soca river valley

Soca river is considered one of the most beautiful European rivers, mostly because of its emerald color and clearness. The spring of it is the heart of Julian Alps, in Trenta valley. Where sometimes you might feel like the time stopped a long time ago and shepherds still live their peaceful lives.

The valley is part of Triglav National Park and one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia. It attracts outdoor lovers from whole all over the world, because it offers endless hiking, kayaking, rafting, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and cycling opportunities.

Hike along the river of Soča and enjoy pristine nature. Such as unspoiled environment, amazing scenery and get to know local traditions and cultural heritage, monuments from WWI and natural attractions of the valley. Furthermore taste traditional local cuisine, which is a perfect mixture of Alpine and Mediterranean one. Especially interact with locals, which will always be happy to tell you a story or two.

soca trail

Main attractions along the way:

    • source of river Soca
    • Mostnica gorge
    • Mala and Velika Korita of Soca gorge
    • Alpine Botanical garden
    • Virje waterfall
  • Boka waterfall
  • Kozjak waterfall
  • WWI ruins, monuments, museums
  • rafting on Soča river (optional)
  • dinner at House Franko, one of 50 best restaurants in the world (optional)
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    • 150 EUR /  PERSON (at 4 people booking)
    • 180 EUR /  PERSON (at 3 people booking)
    • 240 EUR /  PERSON (at 2 people booking)
    • 440 EUR /  PERSON (at 1 people booking)

Price includes:

    • a professional English speaking local guide with good knowledge of Slovenian history, natural and cultural heritage and hiking trails
    • transfer from Bovec to starting point and back

For who?

  • Nature lovers, who want to spend their holidays actively in an unspoiled and beautiful valley of Soca river.
  • All those who love hiking, but don’t want to push their limits in the high alpine world.
  • People who would love to know local history, cultural heritage and enjoy natural attractions.
  • For all those who are looking for a stressless vacation away from a rushed world.

Description of the tour:


  • Distance: 21 km
  • Level: easy
  • Elevation: 325 m ascent, 489 m descent
  • Time: 6h 30min

Today you will be hiking along Soca trail, which is also considered the most beautiful stage of 670 km long Alpe Adria Trail. Begin hiking at the spring of river Soca, which is a sight of its own. The source of the Soca accumulates water from the neighboring mountains, is certainly one of the most beautiful karst sources in the Julian Alps. Continue down the valley and cross numerous footbridges across the river, which give an element of adventure to the otherwise peaceful walk. The trail is easy to follow. It goes more or less by the river, so you can admire the beautiful color all the time.

Next stop is at Mlinarica gorge, which is 80 m deep and only 1 m wide at some points. Continue to Alpinum Juliana, alpine botanical garden. But it is Slovenia’s only alpine botanical garden in natural surroundings. Therefore it is protected as a monument of landscaped nature and a natural treasure of national importance. Observe the diverse world of alpine flowers, which you would also find in high mountains. Further down the trail will lead you to pass Mala korita, a 100 m long gorge up to 6 m in depth that is just 1 m wide at the narrowest spot. And then to an even wildest Velika Korita, which is one of the most beautiful natural sights on the Soca. It is 70 long, just a few meters wide and 15 m deep. Therefore it boasts mysterious emerald pools.

Furthermore enjoy in flora & fauna of Triglav National Park and watch how centuries passed by without changing a lot. You can still see traditional Trenta house, an old furnace, dairy farms and hayracks along the way. Later end up in Bovec with delicious traditional Bovec meal. Overnight in hotel/campsite/hostel.


  • Distance: 28 km
  • Time: 7h
  • Difficulty: easy hike
  • Elevation: 410 m ascent, 636 m descent 

A picturesque trail will lead you hiking mostly on the left bank of Soca river. Until the river, at the end of the day, goes a different direction. Pass the waterfall Virje and discover a beautiful land of Narnia, as this was also the place where they shot part of Walt Disney’s Chronicles of Narnia. Very close by you will see another waterfall, positioned high in the mountains. 106 m high waterfall named Boka is certainly one of the most majestic waterfalls in Slovenia.

Then continue your hike along emerald river Soca. Enjoy in the view of the numerous kayakers and rafters as this river is the paradise and best place in Slovenia for adrenaline junkies. Optional: instead on foot, you can do this part of the trail rafting on Soca river Continue across a hill Polovnik and after gentle ascent reaches charming Drežnica village, small mountain village under Krn mountain.

Last part of the trail is downwards from Dreznica to Kobarid. On the way, you will pass some monuments from the WWI, war frontier and a beautiful waterfall of Kozjak. Overnight in Kobarid, charming town, which has a friendly Mediterranean appeal. It is also a place where you can visit a European award-winning WWI museum. Or have dinner at one of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2018, House Franko, owned by a world-known chef, Ana Roš (optional). Accommodation in a hotel/hostel/campsite. Accommodation in a hotel/hostel/campsite.

*THE GUIDE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO ADJUST THE PROGRAM REGARDING THE WEATHER CONDITION AND PHYSICAL CONDITION OF THE PARTICIPANTS. Make the most of your time in Slovenia and check also the Triglav National Park round tour by car.


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