The list of mountain huts in Triglav National Park that you should definitely visit

Hut Planika

triglav mountain huts

Located just under the top of Mt Triglav, this is one of the most popular Triglav mountain huts. It lies on the altitude of 2400 meters. It’s a perfect base for your climb to the top of the highest Slovenian mountain. From the valley to the hut is cca 6 hours of walking and from the hut to the top you will need cca 1,5 hour. Nice alternative to the more crowded one, Triglav hut at Kredarica, just around the corner. But be prepared for basic toilet, there is no shower and no tap water. Food and staff is really nice.

Hut at Triglav lakes

triglav mountain huts

This is not just one of the most scenic huts in Triglav National Park, it is also the most visited ones. On top of that lies in the very heart of the park, just next to the Double Lake (two of the seven lakes in the Triglav Lakes Valley). Food is delicious, there is shower and bathroom. If you book ahead, you can get a private room as well.  No extra words needed.

Pogačnik hut at Kriški Podi

triglav mountain huts

On a panoramic hill in the middle of Kriški podi karstic plateau, surrounded with Mt Planja, Mt Razor, Mt Križ and Mt Stenar, this mountain hut looks like from a fairytale. It is situated on 2050 meters, it lies above Soča River valley and very close to Lake Kriško. Cca 4h-5h of walking from the valley. You will might want to stay there more than originally planned.

Aljaž hut in Vrata valley

This one is the lowest hut on this list, you can find it in Vrata Valley on 1015 m, near Triglavska Bistrica stream.  But the view from the hut is not to be underrated, just on contrary, it is amazing. You can see a huge part of Triglav North Face from the hut, which will leave you breathless. This is almost 4 km wide and 1 km high wall, one of the biggest in Eastern Europe. From the hut you can head to Luknja mountain pass on 1758 m (2 h 30 min) or continue even further, to Mt Bovški Gamsovec and Kriški podi or over Plemenice to the top of Mt Triglav. If you prefer low land hikes, you can head downwards from the hut and see beautiful Peričnik waterfall and Vrata valley.

Refuge under Špiček

triglav mountain huts

This one is for real mountain lovers, no hypocrites accepted. Smaller than the rest listed above, consequently quiter and more peaceful. Located on 2064 m under Mt Špiček and close to Mt Jalovec, which is suppose to be the most beautiful Slovenian mountain. You can find it in the logo of Slovenian Alpine Assocciation. From Mt pass Vršič you need 4 hours of walking to reach it. 2 hours and a half more and you will be on top of Mt Jalovec. From the hut you will have a beautiful view of Zadnja Trenta and Upper Soča Valley.